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Welcome to Visit is an online resource for hearing-related products & services as well as offers you the opportunity to take our unique online hearing test.

Though should not replace regular audiometric testing by certified medical or audio logical professionals. The site is a convenient compilation of hearing healthcare resources and information. In particular, visitors may find the database of worldwide hearing healthcare professionals useful.

Many healthcare providers offer free screening tests, though they are not required to do so. In order to continue the education of our visitors, is updated often featuring new products and services.

Whether you are a musician, industrial worker, farmer, pilot, dentist, sports car racer, motorcyclist or anyone else exposed to excessive amounts of noise, your ears are paying the price. Extended exposure to loud noise can result in permanent hearing loss.


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Hearing healthcare providers looking to get involved within the market of Recreational Audiology, please take a moment to register your facility by filling out our online template. The process takes only a few minutes which could lead to several referrals throughout the year.

To learn additional details and ways to become involved please visit

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